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Account-Based Marketing 101

Learn why ABM matters and how it can help you address the challenges with selling and marketing.


Account-based marketing (ABM) is emerging as the THE way to market for B2B marketers who sell solutions involving complex sales processes, large deal sizes and many stakeholders.

ABM has been around for 20+ years but has been mastered by relatively few firms. It’s understandable. ABM can be complicated and requires a change in how sales, marketing, and leadership collaborate to drive success.

What you will learn

ABM requires new ways of thinking about targeting, developing buyer journeys, and planning effective campaigns. It also changes how you measure your activities.

In this session, you will learn the basics:

  • Why ABM should be considered
  • The ABM process
  • New approaches to targeting
  • Developing a buyer journey
  • Content and engagement planning
  • Technologies to consider
  • ABM measurement models

This will give you a grounding in deeper dive courses on ABM and Total Customer Growth by Adam Turinas.

Part 1 – Introduction

In this session, we will explain the course structure and explore the problem with the sales and marketing environment. You will learn why traditional B2B strategies are inefficient and why ABM can help you overcome these issues.

Part 2 – Principles of ABM 1-3

In this session, we define ABM and dive into developing a target account list, how to identify in-market target accounts, and why you need to market to buyers the way they buy. Register to view.

Part 2

Part 3 – Principles of ABM 4-7

Review the "three flavors of ABM" and discuss the importance of personalization and creating customized experiences. We will dive into an ABM-centric approach to measurement. And lastly, we will show why sales and marketing alignment is so important. Register to view.

Part 3

Part 4 – Getting Started with ABM

In this final session, we will discuss the typical challenges with ABM, get to know the Total Customer Growth Model, learn about Think/Crawl/Walk/Run, understand how to design a pilot, and review what to expect next. Register to view.

Part 4

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