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The Evolution of Demand Generation

A major shift is happening in how technology organizations engage prospective buyers. The shift from quantity to quality is on! In this session, you will learn new ways to build trust with buyer groups, the best practices of ABM technologies, tactics, and tools being implemented, and how this is being operationalized.

How to Build Brand, Reputation and Authority

In this session, the panel discusses how to build authority through thought leadership, promote corporate citizenship, and provide advice on harnessing digital identity (LinkedIn/Twitter/Facebook) for employee advocacy. This will include ideas and best practices in social media, PR, and working with analysts.

Using ABM to Drive Complex B2B Sales

In this panel discussion, leading ABM practitioners shared real-world experiences on why ABM should be a priority, what it looks like when it's working well, and key things to consider. This brings to life how ABM can work in practice to identify in-market organizations, understand their behavior, engage and convert them on their own terms.

Building a GTM Engine

How do you build a Go-to-market engine that operates beyond expectations? The panel discusses how sales and marketing can be structured to be most effective, how to solve alignment issues, what processes are critical to success, and what tools and technologies make the engine hum.

Using AI to Transform Your Marketing

Casey Meehan will show you how to use Generative AI tools across in sales and marketing to boost productivity. This includes writing better and more personalized emails, improving and generating more content, creating better social posts, integrating with your marketing and CRM platforms using Zapier and much more.

That’s a wrap!

A quick virtual chat to discuss what we learned, what blew your mind, and what actions you can take starting Monday.

Speakers and Panelists

Bob Abrahamson
Chief Marketing Officer, pCare
Bob Blount
Principal, healthlaunchpad
Trina Claggett
VP of Marketing and Business Development, SpinSci Technologies
Cathy Finley
Senior Vice President, Marketing & Product Management,
Dr. Evidence
Hannah Drake
Account Director, healthlaunchpad
Patty Enrado
Senior Director of Client Content Development, HIMSS
Matthew Carollo
Sr Director Sales Enablement,
Kelly McDermott
MBA, Chief Marketing Officer, Caregility
Justin Metz
Content Lead, healthlaunchpad
Casey Meehan
AI for Marketing Expert,
Blazing Zebra
Ben Person
CEO, Tenon
Lucy Railton
VP of Marketing, Drummond Group
Adam Rosenberg
Sr Director of Marketing, RxLightning
Karsten Russel-Wood
Chief Marketing & Experience Officer, Equum Medical
Matthew Piette
Cheif Marketing Officer,
LHP Communications
Adam Turinas
CEO, healthlaunchpad